Behavioral Intervention Team

Behavioral Intervention Team

In an effort to provide a safe campus environment and assist students, Western Nevada College has developed a Behavioral Intervention Team that includes members of our college as well as community professionals. We have procedures in place to ensure open communication between departments on campus as well as with community partners.

Behavioral Referrals

Behavioral Level 1: Small Problems; Non-threatening

Example: Student argues with instructor in class; Instructor is unable to address problem in the classroom (or has tried without success)

What to do:

  • Instructor can ask student to leave class session.
  • Contact for Carson or Douglas: Susan Trist (445-3268 or John Kinkella (445-3271). For Fallon: Ron Marrujo (423-7565 x2224).
    1. Will intervene with student, may result in a "behavioral contract."
    2. Instructor will be advised and potentially involved in resolution.

Behavioral Level 2: Bigger Problems; Student clearly exhibiting unacceptable behavior

Examples: Throwing items, yelling, threatening, swearing

What to do:

  • Student should be asked to leave class session, dismiss class if appropriate.
  • Refer to John Kinkella (445-3271) he will investigate, meet with student and faculty member, and take appropriate action.
  • In Fallon, notify Ron Marrujo (423-7565 x2224 of incident.

Behavioral Level 3: Biggest Problems; Extreme behavior-threatening, but unlikely

Examples: Harming or threatening to harm themselves or someone else

What to do:

  • CALL 9-911; public safety officer on duty-Carson (230-1952) Fallon (423-7565 x2277) and John Kinkella (445-3271).
  • Dismiss class.

Please note:

  • It is critical for faculty to keep notes (document) student behavior, dates, and actions taken.
  • We do not have 24/7 coverage, if unable to reach WNC staff and it is an emergency, call 9-911.

Other reasons for referral:

Student is distressed or showing signs of severe depression

Example: Faculty has concern about student -anxious, depressed, or suicidal

What to do:

  • Refer to Susan Trist (445-3268) in Carson or Ron Marrujo (423-7565 x2224) in Fallon.
  • Will intervene with student, discuss options and possibly make referral to outside agency.

Academic Difficulties Only, use early alert

Example: Low test scores, homework not turned in, missing too many classes

What to do:

  • Click on "EA" icon on course roster to send referral to counseling.
  • Counselor will contact student, problem solve and counselor will update instructor via email.

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