Financial Assistance

Step-by-Step Timeline

The complete process can take two to six months!


  • Step 1 Student and parent (if dependent) apply for a PIN #.
    One day if email address is provided or two weeks by mail
  • Step 2 Student files a FAFSA.
    Hint: File on the web at It's faster!!
  • Step 3 FAFSA is processed. SAR is mailed to student; electronic copy is sent to WNC (IF listed on FAFSA).
    Two to three weeks if filed online!
  • Step 4 Financial Assistance Office enters data, awards aid (if eligible), or mails document request to student.
    Two to three weeks
  • Step 5 Student submits ALL required document(s).
    ??? Weeks, days? It depends on you!
  • Step 6 Financial Assistance Office reviews documents and creates file.
    Two to three weeks
  • Step 7 Eligibility is determined and discrepancies resolved. (Steps 4, 5 & 6 are repeated for discrepancies).
    Two to three weeks
  • Step 8 Business Office mails check or deposits it into student's bank account
    Hint: Having your residual check directly deposited is much faster!

Incomplete applications/document(s) cause delays!

Processing times are approximate.

Insider's Information

"Those who read will have an advantage."

Top 11 reasons your financial aid could be delayed...

  1. WNC is not listed on your FAFSA. (Title IV code is 013896)
  2. The name on your FAFSA does not match the name on your Social Security Card.
  3. You or your parent did not sign your FAFSA with your PIN # or send in the signature page from FAFSA on the web.
  4. You made corrections to parental information on your SAR but the parent signature is missing.
  5. You made corrections on your SAR but your signature is missing.
  6. You received mail from our office but forgot to read it. (Read everything you get very carefully.)
  7. Your documents weren't turned into our office in a timely manner.
  8. Your documents were incomplete.
  9. When you filed your FAFSA, you used estimated income tax information, and when you filed your tax return, the information was different but you didn't correct your SAR.
  10. You didn't make Satisfactory Academic Progress the prior semester.
  11. Your FAFSA was filed late.

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