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Receiving Financial Aid/Scholarships

Students at the WNC Scholarship Reception in October of 2009
Students at the WNC Scholarship Reception in October of 2009

When Will I Receive My Financial Aid/Scholarships?

Grants, loans and scholarships begin to be disbursed your WNC student account no earlier than seven days before the semester begins. Your application must be complete, an offer of financial aid made and/or scholarship funds awarded and satisfactory academic progress standards met in order for funds to be applied to your WNC account. Check myWNC for specific information regarding your financial aid/scholarships.

If your financial aid/scholarship is not available by the date fees are due, you must make arrangements for payment of your classes or risk cancellation. Payment information:

If you do not plan to attend WNC after you register for classes and receive financial aid, you must withdraw from classes with myWNC before your funds are disbursed to your WNC account. Students who do not withdraw may receive all W's and/or all F's on their transcripts and may be required to repay funds.

First-Time Stafford Loan Borrowers

Federal regulations stipulate that first-time freshman, first-time Stafford Loan borrower will not receive loan funds until thirty days after the first day of classes. To avoid cancellation of your classes please make arrangements to pay your fees.

How Will I Receive My Financial Aid and Scholarships?

Financial aid and scholarships are first applied directly to your WNC account to pay mandatory charges for tuition, fees and other college charges.

If your financial aid exceeds the charges on your account, you will receive the balance of the funds (referred to as a refund) to pay other educationally related expenses such as textbooks, rent, childcare and transportation.

Beginning the week prior to the start of classes refunds will be released to students in one of the following ways:

  • Direct Deposit: To take advantage of direct deposit, sign up online at myWNC.
  • Check: The refund check will be mailed to the address as listed in myWNC. An address change can be submitted via myWNC. Checks cannot be picked up; no exceptions will be made.


The refund process has changed in order to provide students with quicker access to their financial aid funds. You may purchase books with your own funds or wait until you receive your refund check. The College Bookstore has a location on the Carson Campus, a branch on the Fallon Campus, provides service to the Douglas Campus and has textbook purchasing services available online. The Bookstore offers:

  • online search program for textbooks,
  • expanded hours for purchases just before the beginning of the semester,
  • decreased costs associated with the purchase of used textbooks; availability of used textbooks, and
  • ease of returns, if needed.

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