Financial Assistance

How To Apply

Financial Aid Process

  • STEP 1: Complete a WNC Application for Admission and select a degree or certificate program.
  • STEP 2: CompleteaFreeApplicationforFederalStudentAid(FAFSA) at www.fafsa.ed. gov. Be sure to include WNC's school code on your applications: 013896. The FAFSA will require income information from the previous year.
  • STEP 3: Monitor your myWNC Student Service Center "To Do List' and "Communication Center" to track the status of your financial aid. The Financial Assistance office may be required to verify the informa- tion submitted on your FAFSA and will request additional documents. These documents should be submitted in a timely manner to improve the processing time for your financial aid file.
  • STEP 4: View your financial aid award letter via the myWNC Com- munication Center or on the shopping sheet under View Financial Aid.

Please Note: Changes made to the FAFSA or level of enrollment may change financial aid awards. Withdrawing from a class may result in repayment of financial aid and affect eligibility for future aid.

Completing the FAFSA - Don't Pay for It

Free assistance is available to help a student complete the FAFSA. A student should never have to pay to have the FAFSA completed. The web sites that offer to complete and file the FAFSA for a fee are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education. Once a student has collected all financial records and other information that is required even if choosing to pay someone to complete the FAFSA, filling out the FAFSA is not difficult.

Questions About the FAFSA

Call the Federal Student Information Center toll free at 800-433-3243 - the staff is very helpful, there is usually not a long wait, and they accept calls every day of the week. Help is also available online at

Additional Documentation Requirements

If a student has been chosen for verification or if there is a discrepancy in their records, he/she will be required to submit additional form(s) or document(s) to complete his/her file. Notification will be sent electronically indicating which additional document(s) or form(s) are required. The Financial Assistance Office must have a student's current e-mail address. Financial aid will not be processed if a student does not receive or respond to the correspondence.

Verification Worksheet

Some student applications are selected by the federal government for mandatory verification of information reported on the FAFSA. (If a student's application is selected for verification, the student will be required to provide the Financial Assistance Office with information and documentation from the previous tax year. This must match the information on their SAR; if not, it must be corrected before aid eligibility can be determined. As part of the verification process, students will be required to submit a Verification Worksheet (Dependent or Independent).

Tax Forms

Any student that is selected for verification will be required to provide tax return information in one of two ways: 1) use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool within FAFSA (preferred method), or 2) submit copies of IRS Tax Return Transcripts with a verification form. The Financial Assistance Office will no longer be able to accept copies of IRS 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ tax returns. Instructions for requesting an IRS Tax Return Transcript can be found at

Social Security, Immigration & Naturalization, and Selective Service Documentation

The Financial Assistance Office may need a copy of a student's Social Security card, birth certificate, copies of INS documents to verify eligible non-citizen status, or verification of Selective Service registration. The Financial Assistance Office will notify the student if these or other documents are required to complete their file.

Authorization To Release Information Form

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, WNC cannot release student financial aid information to anyone other than the student. If a student wishes to have their information released to someone else, a request must be submitted through MyWNC.

Receiving Financial Aid

Processing Timelines

The Financial Assistance Office begins processing applications in June for students who have met the April 1 priority FAFSA filing deadline. Once all required documents are submitted and a student's file is complete, eligibility is determined. Applicants should complete the FAFSAs and submit all additional required forms no later than July 1 in order to receive funding in time to meet fall semester fee deadlines, and by December 1 in order to meet spring semester fee deadlines.

Award Notification

Students will be notified electronically when their Award Offer is ready for review. AWARDS ARE BASED ON THE LEVEL OF ENROLLMENT LISTED ON THE FAFSA. The actual amount received will differ if a student's enrollment status changes. Award letters are mailed to the address on file.

Federal regulations require that all types of financial aid be coordinated. A student must inform the Financial Assistance Office if they receive any aid not listed on their award notification such as scholarships, stipends, vocational rehabilitation, or veterans benefits. A revision to the financial aid award may be necessary.

Scheduled Residual Check Dates

If financial aid exceeds the amount of fees, a residual check will be mailed to the address in MyWNC or direct deposited into a student's personal bank account.

Check Disbursements/Enrollment Verification

A student's grant and/or loan awards are mailed at the beginning of the semester. Disbursement dates depend on when funds are awarded AND will reflect a student's actual enrollment status at the time of payment. No adjustments are made for added or dropped units after the first week of the term. The amount of aid on a student's award letter may differ from what is received if enrollment changes and/or if the student owes charges.

Enrollment Changes

If a student never attends a class or has a change of enrollment status, the financial aid award must be recalculated. This will result in the student owing part or all of the award money to the college.

Disbursement of Grant and Loan Check Residuals

Residual checks will be mailed by the Business Office, to the address that is on a student's myWNC account. If the student has signed up for direct deposit, checks will be directly deposited into their bank account. It is the student's responsibility to update any changes of address or changes in bank account information through their myWNC account.

Student Charges

Any student charges for the current semester will be deducted from the student's financial aid and/or scholarship.

Returned Checks

If a check is returned to the college, it will not be re-mailed; it will be held at the Business Office and the student will be responsible for picking it up. Unclaimed checks will be cancelled after 30 days.

Lost Checks/Checks Not Received

If a check is lost or not received, contact the Business Office to stop payment. Reissued checks can take up to six weeks.

Required Identification

A student is required to present a WNC Student ID or another type of valid photo ID (such as a Nevada driver's license or Nevada Identification Card) each time he/she inquires about financial aid.

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