Disability Support Services


What Are My Responsibilities as a College Student?

It is your responsibility to identify yourself to DSS and to provide professional documentation of your disability in order to qualify for academic accommodations.

It is recommended that you meet with the DSS Coordinator one month or more prior to enrollment for each academic term. Every effort will be made to provide accommodations in a timely manner, but last minute requests may not be feasible.

The student must meet with the Disability Coordinator each semester to make arrangements for academic accommodations.

Accommodations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

It is also your responsibility to contact your instructors, in a timely manner, each semester to present the Notification of Accommodation and Request for Accommodation Forms which identifies the necessary accommodation for your classes.

All students are expected to adhere to the same academic, attendance and behavior standards required for all students.

Accommodations for a disability are not intended to alter the fundamental nature of a course or program. A student with a disability must be able to comprehend the course material and communicate this to the instructor in one form or another. Accommodations merely give the student the opportunity to achieve this outcome.

ADA/DSS Coordinator Responsibilities

The ADA/DSS Coordinator on the Carson City campus will process all requests for disability services and accommodations for all campus sites.

When meeting with the student with a disability, and after evaluating the documentation to determine eligibility, verifying the disabling condition and the need for equal access, the ADA/DSS Coordinator will provide written verification relative to the student's eligibility to receive reasonable accommodations.

The ADA/DSS Coordinator will be responsible for arranging and coordinating academic accommodations in conjunction with other center coordinators from the outlying campus sites.

Information regarding the student's disability will be held in the strictest of confidence unless the student signs a release of information form for specific purposes.

The ADA/DSS Coordinator has the responsibility for determining appropriate accommodations and coordination of services based on current academic standards and requirements to ensure and uphold academic integrity.

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