Disability Support Services

Appeal Procedure

If equal access is denied or believed to be denied, the student must inform the DSS office in writing about his/her concern or problem immediately.

The ADA/DSS Coordinator will investigate the allegation to determine if equal access was denied.

The ADA/DSS Coordinator will serve as the student's advocate to resolve the problem/situation.

If resolution cannot be reached, the student should follow the WNC Student Grievance Procedure in the WNC Catalog, under the heading of Rules and Sanctions.

Formal grievance procedures are initiated only after informal attempts have been found unsatisfactory in reaching a just solution. A grievance must be filed in writing to the appropriate dean within 30 instructional days of the alleged infraction.

Members of a grievance committee will be selected by the appropriate dean.

The student and involved parties will be given the opportunity to present their case in a formal hearing to the selected grievance committee.

The committee will then recommend a course of action to the vice president for Academic and Student Affairs.

The student will receive written notification from the vice president for Academic and Student Affairs of the final decision.

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