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Western Nevada College offers a "Latino Cohort" program to promote enrollment, course completion, and degree attainment among Latino students. The program is personalized to individual students and is tailored to first-generation Latino students. Our main goal is to help students overcome potential cultural barriers so they can attain an associate degree and be prepared to continue their education at a four-year school, or move directly into the workplace successfully.

The program is introduced to high school seniors during WNC's “Bridge to Success” college outreach program. The students who apply to the “Latino Cohort” program have the opportunity to be part of a “Summer Bridge,” program, an intensive, eight-week summer session where they complete any developmental English classes they may need, and a 3-credit class on College Success. Virtually all cohort students are first-generation college students for whom English is not their first language.

The program offers supplemental instruction to ensure that the students complete their classes successfully. Students remain engaged through a variety of activities, including a tour at the University of Nevada, Reno during the spring, a team-building conference, and a hike during the summer. Parent engagement and support is also an important component of the program.

As a result of these opportunities, the Latino Cohort students are significantly outpacing the average college student in semester-to-semester course completion rates (94% to 64%). The graduation rate is also much higher (52% to 20%) for students who complete the Latino Cohort.

Find more about the Latino Cohort at the Office of Student Services at: 775.445.3344

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