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WNC Protects Student Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects student privacy. Personally identifiable information is not released without student consent and signature. To review or pick up academic records in person, a valid government or WNC issued photo ID that includes signature is mandatory. The college's registration system requires students to create a password to access their WNC account. The password is considered the equivalent of a signature.

Student Right to Inspect Records

Students have a right to inspect and review information in his/her education records, the right to seek to amend education records, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of information from education records. WNC is not required to provide copies of such records to students. If a student disagrees with some information in his/her educational records, he/she may challenge that information. If the situation is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, the student may request a hearing. If the student disagrees with the results of that hearing, he/she may submit explanation statements for inclusions in his/her file. Contact Admissions and Records for additional information.


Admissions and Records will accept only official transcripts from other colleges, universities, high schools, and educational testing sources; unofficial copies will not be accepted. A transcript must be sent directly to Admissions and Records by mail or electronically from the applicable institution to be considered official; faxed copies will not be accepted. A transcript that is hand carried in a sealed envelope to Admissions and Records that was mailed to the student directly from the applicable institution may be accepted as official provided the envelope has not been opened.

High School Transcripts

Credit from high school courses are not applicable towards a degree or certificate of achievement.

High school transcripts from a home school must clearly display the following information:

  1. Student's name (first, middle, last) and date of birth
  2. For each course completed, the following must be listed:
    • Specific course title
    • Units or credits for each
    • Time frame or semester in which it was completed
    • Grade received
  3. Description of grading system used such a grade scale or grade key
  4. Cumulative credits/units earned and grade point average
  5. Graduation date (month/day/year) indicating completion of secondary school or high school education
  6. The following statement, or one very similar, is to appear about the home school administrator/parent signature line: "I, the undersigned, do hereby self-certify and affirm that this is the official transcript and record of ___(name of student)___ academic studies of ___(years attended home school)__."
  7. Signature of school administrator/parent and date.

A copy of a Nevada Receipt of Notice of Intent to Home school or a letter from the applicable school board approving the student as home schooled must also be submitted in order for the transcript to be considered official.

Release Of Transcripts From Other Institutions

When a transcript from another institution is received by Admissions and Records, the transcript becomes the official property of Western Nevada College. Admissions and Records does not release or provide copies of a student's official transcript from another institution to third parties or to students.

Upon request, students may view their transcript from another institution and take notes in regards to classes, semester, and grades, but may not have a copy. Exceptions to the policy are at the discretion of the registrar, and are granted only in extreme cases, such as 1) the institution housing the original records has been destroyed and WNC has the only known existing transcript, or 2) international transcripts that the student is unable to obtain.

Enrollment Status

Full-time students are defined as those who are enrolled in 12 or more credits/units (6 or more credits/units for summer); three-quarter time students are enrolled in 9-11 credits/units; half-time students are enrolled in 6-8 credits.

Enrollment Verifications

The National Student Clearinghouse is the authorized agent for WNC for providing enrollment and degree verifications. Students may obtain enrollment verifications by accessing the Clearinghouse through myWNC. Employers or background screening firms requesting enrollment and/or degree verifications may obtain a verification through the Clearinghouse at

Course Withdrawal

Classes dropped after the 100 percent refund period that are not "even exchanged" will remain on a student transcript with a grade of "W".

Student Responsibility

Students are encouraged to read the college catalog and schedule for important policy, procedure, and deadline information. Students are required to add and drop courses through myWNC, ensure they have fulfilled all course prerequisites, verify the accuracy of their enrollment, keep their address, phone number and email address current in myWNC, and pay for classes by the published deadline. Unpaid students may be removed from class rosters throughout the semester and will not receive a final grade or credits regardless of attendance and completion of course work.

Storage of Student Records

Educational records are kept by Admissions and Records permanently:

  • Final grade rosters and grade change forms
  • Schedule of classes
  • Files of student graduates

The following records are kept for a minimum of five years for students who attend WNC:

  • Admission applications
  • Incoming transcripts or other credit sources
  • Personal identification data change forms
  • Residency applications
  • Enrollment forms

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