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Fees and Payment

E-mail communications are sent to students throughout the registration period. It is students' responsibility to verify charges on their myWNC Student Center account and meet semester deadlines. Students who do not pay 100% of charges due by published deadlines may be removed from 100% of their classes.


PLEASE NOTE: Fees, tuition and other charges are subject to change without notice. Notwithstanding currently posted tuition and fees, all fees, tuition or other charges which students are required to pay each semester are subject to increase by action of the Board of Regents at any time before the commencement of classes (primarily due to budgetary shortfalls). The amount a student is charged at the time of registration is not a final bill and may be increased.

Students are responsible for all costs associated with registration, regardless of any communication that may or may not have been received, and regardless of attendance or class participation, unless classes are dropped within the 100 percent refund period.

Paying by Internet

Pay fees with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or electronic check through the Internet via myWNC. Students should be sure to verify their account balance after submitting their request.

Paying by Mail

Make checks payable to Board of Regents. Indicate the student ID number and mail to WNC, Attn: Controller's Office, 2201 West College Parkway, Carson City, NV 89703-7399.

Agency Fee Payment

Students must submit the authorization for third party payment to the Business Office within the week that they register. The fax number is 775-445-3027.

Late Payment Fee

A $25.00 late payment fee will be assessed to students who register or add classes during the late registration period. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of important semester dates and deadlines, including registration, refund and fee payment deadlines.

Excessive Credit Fee

An Excess Credit Fee shall be charged to a student who has attempted credits equal to 150 percent of the credits required for the student’s program of study. The amount of this additional fee is equal to 50 percent of the per credit registration fee. Attempted credits include all graded courses on a student’s transcript, including but not limited to the grades of F and W (withdrawal) and repeated courses. The fee will be charged, for example, after 90 credits have been attempted towards a 60-credit associate’s degree or 180 credits towards a 120-credit bachelor’s degree. Exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis. The fee will be charged in all terms after passing the threshold number of credits until a degree is awarded to the student.

Payment Plans

WNC offers a three-payment or two-payment plan for any student who is enrolled in six or more units for the fall and/or spring semester. Students should make payment plan arrangements before making any payments on their account each semester.

3-Pay Plan: This plan is available no later than the first payment deadline for the semester and divides the balance owed into three equal installments.

2-Pay Plan: This plan is available no later than the second payment deadline for the semester and divides the balance owed into two equal installments.

Enrollment may be cancelled if 100% of the first payment is not made by the published deadlines. Students who do not make the second and/or third payment on a payment plan by the published deadlines will be assessed a fee of $10 or 10% of the balance, whichever is greater, and will be responsible for the unpaid plan balance.

When applicable, payment for the application fee must be made by payment deadlines, in addition to the payment plan installment.

Delinquent Accounts

All delinquent accounts will be placed on financial hold. Students on financial hold may not receive a transcript, register for classes at any NSHE Institution or be awarded a certificate/diploma until the account has been cleared and financial hold removed. Delinquent accounts may be sent to collection after 90 days. The student will be assessed collection/legal fees.

WNC will not accept postdated or altered checks. A $25 insufficient funds fee will be assessed for any check returned as unpaid from the bank. Returned checks must be made good within ten days of the bank's notification (cash, cashiers check or money order only) or the college will begin collection procedures.

Fee Refunds

Information on refunds is on the Refund Information page.

Direct Deposit of Student Refund Checks

The Controller's Office offers direct deposit as a more convenient means of providing refund/overage checks to students. Instead of mailing a check, funds are deposited directly into a student's checking account. Sign up online at in the finance section of the myWNC Student Center.

Tuition Statements-For Tax Purposes

Students can elect to receive their 1098-T statement by selecting the "Accept" button when prompted upon logging into myWNC. 1098-T statements are available in the myWNC Student Center by February 1 each year.

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