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Student Grades

Students may view their grades online at myWNC. Mid-term grades for full-term classes are generally available after the eighth week of the semester for fall and spring semesters; mid-term grades are not available for short-term classes. Final grades are available two weeks after the end of the semester. Check the dates and deadlines page for more information.

The college does not send grade mailers; students may view grades through myWNC.

Instructions for checking grades using myWNC

  1. Log in to your account through myWNC by entering your student ID number as your user name and password
  2. Click on the line in the center box, "myWNC Student Information Center"
  3. Click on "Other Academic" under the Academics section.
  4. Select "Mid-term Grades" or "Official Grades" for final grades.

Grading System

The following grading policies apply to WNC:

"A" Superior4.0
"B" Above Average3.0
"C" Average2.0
"D" Below Average1.0
"F" Failure0.0
"P" Pass
"I" Incomplete
"R" Repeat
"AD" Audit
"W" Withdrawal

  1. It is at the discretion of individual faculty to use the "Plus" and "Minus" grading scale.
  2. All grades are awarded according to faculty members' judgments. Students may repeat failed courses.
  3. Withdrawal indicates the student withdrew from the course and did not complete it.
  4. The course syllabus shall contain a clear explanation of the grading scale to be used by the instructor. Students may not appeal the format an instructor chooses.
  5. "I" Grade: An Incomplete grade may be given by the instructor when a student has completed 75 percent of the course with a grade of at least "C," but where there is some verifiable, compelling reason for the lack of completion. College regulations limit the amount of time the student has to make up assignments or examinations. The "I" (Incomplete) must be made up within 120 days of the end of the semester. Failure to do so will result in the "I" grade being changed to an "F." A student seeking to complete the work for a course in which he/she received an Incomplete must make arrangements with the instructor who issued the incomplete grade. A grade change from the instructor is due to Admissions and Records within 120 days of the end of the applicable semester.

Grade Appeal

A grade appeal is the process for students who believe the grade that they received for a course is incorrect. A grade appeal must be initiated no later than 30 instructional days into the following regular semester and must follow the following process:

  1. Prior to activation of the formal grade appeal process, it is recommended that the student discuss his/her complaint with the instructor who issued the grade. If the student cannot reach the instructor, or if the grade is not resolved by the instructor, the student must file a written intent to appeal the grade with the instructor's division office.
  2. Once the written notice is filed, the student must contact the division chair. The division chair will arrange a meeting between him/herself, the instructor and the student, or between the instructor and the student if such a meeting has not yet taken place.
  3. If the grade appeal is still unresolved, the student must submit details in writing to the vice president for Academic and Student Affairs, who will act on the grade appeal within 15 days of being notified.
  4. Within 15 days of the receipt of the written certified letter, a hearing committee composed of the division chair, two faculty members of the same division and two students chosen by the Associated Students of Western Nevada president will meet to hear the grade appeal. The instructor and the student who is appealing the grade will be invited to be present when this committee meets.
  5. The written recommendation of this hearing committee will be forwarded to the vice president for Academic and Student Affairs who will act on the grade appeal within 15 days of being notified.

Repeat Adjustment Request

A student may repeat a course and have only the highest grade counted as part of his/her total grade point average; all grades will remain on the student transcript. Students will not receive duplicate credit for repeated courses unless the course is designated as repeatable for credit. Students may repeat courses provided they have fulfilled current course prerequisites and met criteria established for courses with selective readmissions criteria.

Students may petition to repeat up to 12 units with an adjustment to the previous grade(s). If approved, the original grade will be reflected as an "R" for repeat. The "R" will only be used as a replacement if the repeated course earns a grade higher than the grade originally earned. Repeat adjustment may not be applied to W or AD grades. A repeat adjustment request must be submitted to Admissions and Records no later than four weeks past the published date on which grades are posted, for the semester in which the course was repeated.

If a student requests a repeat adjustment for a course that is designated as repeatable for credit, he/she will not receive additional units for the repeated course.

Academic Renewal

Students may petition to have an entire semester of course work be disregarded in all calculations regarding academic standing and grade point average. Eligibility for academic renewal is subject to the following conditions:

  1. At the time the petition is filed, at least one year must have elapsed since the most recent course work to be disregarded was completed.
  2. In the interval between the completion of the most recent course work to be disregarded and the filing of the petition, students shall have completed at least 12 acceptable units of course work at a regionally accredited institution of higher education with a grade-point average of at least 2.5 on all work completed during that interval. Courses taken during the interval may be repeats of previously attempted college work.
  3. The student's filed petition must specify the semester to be disregarded. A semester with only "W" grades may not be considered for academic renewal. If the petition is approved under this policy, the student's permanent academic record will be suitably marked to indicate that no work taken during the disregarded semester, even if satisfactory, may apply toward graduation requirements, and the grades will not be calculated into the student's grade point average. However, all course work will remain on the academic record, ensuring a true and accurate academic history. The original grades earned will be calculated toward satisfactory academic progress for financial aid.
  4. Academic renewal can occur only once during a student's academic career. Academic renewal can only be applied prior to graduation from the first degree or certificate. Once a student graduates, academic renewal cannot be retroactively applied.

Dean's List

Students are eligible for the Dean's List if:

  1. At least 12 units (6 units for the summer semester), excluding developmental course units, have been completed during the semester on the A, B,C,D scale, and
  2. The semester grade point average is 3.50 or higher.

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