Public Safety

Emergency Procedures

Notifications to Students

Public Safety Department staff often receives requests to deliver messages to students. In accordance to the WNC Security-Related Procedures and Practices Manual, the Public Safety Department is authorized to make student notifications which are of an emergency or police nature only. Public Safety Department personnel screen each request by asking relevant questions. Therefore, anyone making such a request is expected to provide some or all of the following information:

  • student's social security number
  • full name
  • college program
  • class the student is currently in
  • identification of person making the request
  • the reason for the need to notify

Incident Response Plan

Western Nevada College has developed an Incident Response Plan which addresses:

  • health and fire emergencies
  • gas leaks
  • bomb threats and suspicious packages
  • explosions
  • earthquakes
  • hostage situations
  • person with a gun situations
  • power outages
  • flooding or water leaks
  • hazardous chemical/material incidents
  • evacuations and first aid assistance

A copy of the Incident Response Plan is available in the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

The need to read and familiarize yourself with these procedures cannot be over emphasized. How well the plan is assimilated will have a direct bearing on how many people are injured and how much College or personal property is damaged during an emergency.


There may come a time when everyone will be requested to evacuate a building. The signal to evacuate may be given because of an ongoing emergency or for other safety reasons. Once the signal is given, it is important that everyone leave the building in a safe and orderly manner.

The signal to evacuate is normally given by activation of the fire alarm bells/horns. However, during a natural gas leak, the signal will be given verbally. When either signal is heard, everyone should evacuate the building and/or area.

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