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Policy 7-3-4: Policy for Account Administration

WNC Policy 7-3-4
Procedure: Policy for Account Administration
Policy No.: 7-3-4
Department: Finance & Administrative Services

Addition/deletion/revision of financial accounts

  • Section 1: Signature Authority Background
    • A. The Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services establishes balance sheet and operating accounts as needed. There are established procedures to request new accounts or change accounts.
    • B. Signature authorization levels are hierarchical:
      • 1. The President has signature authority for all operating accounts within the financial accounting
      • 2. Each vice president has signature authority for all operating accounts within their appropriate
        area or responsibility.
      • 3. The dean or director has signature authority for all operating accounts within their appropriate
        area of responsibility.
      • 4. Each management level may further delegate signature authority for those operating accounts
        under their direct authority by completing an Account Addition/Change Request Form,
        denoting such delegation.
  • Section 2: Account Creation
    • A. The decision to establish a new account must be made at the highest possible administrative level. The four most important considerations are: 1) the purpose of the account, 2) the funding source for the account, 3) department assignment, and 4) whether there is a current account that can be used for the purpose. Changes of account title or deletion of an account must be coordinated through the Controller’s Office.
  • Section 3: Changing/Deleting an Account
    • A. The account manager may delegate account signature responsibility. To delegate or change
      account signature authorization, change an account name or delete an account, an Account
      Addition/Change Request Form should be obtained from the controller’s office web page and
      completed indicating the change that needs to be made. For mass changes, a spreadsheet
      attached to a signed Account Addition/Change Request Form or a spreadsheet attached to an e-
      mail from the account manager can be used.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted October 12, 2012 Dates Revised
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Date Printed: April 20, 2018