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Policy 5-1-1: Collection Development

WNC Policy 5-1-1
Procedure: Collection Development
Policy No.: 5-1-1
Department: Library
Contact: Director

This policy is a statement of the operating guidelines used by Western Nevada College, Library and Media Services for the acquisition and maintenance of materials in the collection. In this policy the word "materials" is used to encompass information sources in various formats which Library and Media Services collects to make available to users. All materials purchased with Library and Media Services funds will be located in facilities that are accessible to the entire college.

  • Section 1: Objectives
    • A. Library and Media Services is responsible for providing materials that assist students in achieving their educational goals. The primary focus of the collection will be to purchase materials that support programs identified in the NSHE's Community College Mission Statement:
      • 1. university transfer
      • 2. applied science and technology
      • 3. business and industry partnering
      • 4. developmental education
      • 5. community service
      • 6. student support service
    • B. The collections will include materials on subjects reflecting a variety of viewpoints.
  • Section 2: Selection Responsibility
    • A. Selection of materials is a primary duty of Library and Media Services staff.
    • B. Selection aids and tools such as professional journals, bibliographies, and publishers catalogs are used to identify materials for consideration.
    • C. Materials are purchased throughout the academic year by Library and Media Services staff who work closely with instructors to determine what items best meet classroom objectives and/or student needs.
    • D. The Director of Library & Media Services makes the final determination on the purchase of all materials, and is responsible for the implementation of this policy.
  • Section 3: Fund Allocation
    • A. Purchases are made within the limitations of the budget with no specific allocation by discipline or department
    • B. Library & Media Services acquisition funds are expended in proportion to the previous year's annualized FTE for the Carson City and Fallon campuses.
    • C. Items of high cost, which may meet selection criteria, but require a large percentage of the total materials budget, will be held for further consideration if year-end funds are available.
  • Section 4: Selection Guidelines
    • A. The department mission statement provides the framework for the selection process.
    • B. Library and Media Services strives to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff either by purchasing or securing through interlibrary loan those materials needed for study and research.
    • C. Library and Media Services also serves the entire college community by purchasing some recreational, cultural and general information materials. Specific considerations in choosing individual materials include some or all of the following:
      • 1. support of mission statement
      • 2. appropriateness for undergraduate use
      • 3. a topic/subject students need for class assignments
      • 4. a topic/subject supporting core courses
      • 5. materials recommended by faculty to support classroom instruction
      • 6. strength of present holdings in subject
      • 7. cost
      • 8. suitability of format
      • 9. authoritativeness of author or reputation of publisher
      • 10. timeliness or permanence of the material
      • 11. classic in its field
      • 12. appearance of the title in bibliographies or indexes
    • D. Materials not normally purchased are:
      • 1. textbooks for courses offered at WNC
      • 2. graduate level materials
      • 3. books in languages not taught at the college
      • 4. popular fiction
      • 5. highly specialized research & technical materials
      • 6. specialized materials available in local area Nevada libraries
      • 7. test books
    • E. The majority of selections are current English language publications.
    • F. Lost or stolen materials will be considered for replacement within one year if they are still available.
    • G. Additional criteria may be developed to determine purchases for special formats.
  • Section 5: Gifts
    • A. Materials received as gifts will be evaluated by the same criteria as purchased materials. Everything donated to Library & Media Services becomes the property of Western Nevada College. Items not suitable for the collection will be sold in book sales, sent to other libraries or discarded.
    • B. No dollar value will be assigned to gifts by library staff.
    • C. Donations that need a formal acknowledgment must be made through the WNC President's Office, with a designation to Library & Media Services.
  • Section 7: Collection, Maintenance, and Evaluation
    • A. Library and Media Services uses weeding of outdated and damaged materials to maintain the quality of the collection. The reference collection is continually monitored for outdated material, which is replaced or withdrawn. Individual sections of the general collection are periodically reviewed. Faculty are encouraged to assist in identifying outdated or inaccurate materials in their areas of expertise.
  • Section 8: Intellectual Freedom
    • A. Library & Media Services adopts the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights to govern services of this library.
    • B. Materials are purchased to represent differing opinions on controversial issues. If the appropriateness or value of any material is challenged, the objections must be submitted in writing to the Director of Library & Media Services before any action will be taken on a complaint. The procedure followed in responding to complaints is described in the Nevada Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Handbook.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted October 1, 1998 Dates Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004
NSHE and NRS Codes
NSHE Code Reference NSHE Board of Regents Handbook

Nevada Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Handbook
Library Bill of Rights

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Date Printed: March 29, 2017