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Policy 3-2-1: Instruction

WNC Policy 3-2-1
Procedure: Instruction
Policy No.: 3-2-1
Department: Instruction
Contact: Division Chair

An articulation form must be submitted whenever a faculty member or administrator plans to create a new course, teach a course that is taught at another community college which is not articulated for WNC, or change an aspect of an articulated course - title, number of credits, etc. For a class with a varying title (Special Topics), articulation must be submitted with each title change.

  • Section 1: Approvals
    • A. A course can be offered for academic credit only if the appropriate form has been submitted to and approved by the Faculty Senate Articulation Committee. Community Services (non-credit) courses are exempt.
    • B. A course is put into the College Catalog only if it has been submitted to and approved by the College Curriculum Committee.
  • Section 2: Instructions for Submission
    • A. The appropriate articulation form is obtained from a Senate articulation member, the articulation officer, or an academic dean.
    • B. A faculty member (or administrator) completes and submits the appropriate form to his/her department chair (when applicable) and dean for approval and signature. The faculty member then submits the form to the Senate Articulation Chair.
    • C. The Senate Articulation chair proofs the form for errors, problems, etc. If necessary, the chair returns the form to the faculty member (administrator) for any needed corrections and/or revisions.
    • D. When the Articulation chair has a correct and approved copy, he/she will then forward forms for courses requesting transfer status to the Articulation Officer; copies of all forms will be kept by the Articulation Chair
    • E. The faculty member (or administrator) must also complete and submit SIS new course or change forms to enter the course or course changes in the student records system. The SIS form is submitted to the Articulation chair to verify the articulation has been approved, who then forwards it to the Admissions Office.
    • F. Approval for a title change for a class with a varying title (Special Topics) may be processed by submitting an Articulation form or by submitting the proposed title to the Articulation Chair through electronic mail.
    • G. It is the responsibility of the individual submitting the form to ensure any changes are submitted to the Curriculum Committee for submission in the college catalog. The individual responsible for bringing a program area to the Curriculum Committee must contact the chair of the Faculty Senate Articulation Committee at least four weeks prior to meeting with the Curriculum Committee.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted September 24, 1996 Dates Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; March 23, 1999; September 25, 1996
NSHE and NRS Codes
NSHE Code Reference NSHE Board of Regents Handbook
NRS Code NRS 396.568

NSHE Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes: 5/92; 12/02; 8/03

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