Jack C. Davis Observatory

About the Observatory

Observatory Facilities

The 2,800-square-foot facility has three telescopes inside the building, one 16", one 14" and one 10", plus a small radio telescope. One is equipped with a spectrograph, which can collect data from the stars. Outside the building is a robo-dome with a fourth telescope for studying the sun, including solar prominences that eject off the edges of the sun. All of the telescopes have cameras. The computers and telescopes are connected to a large overhead TV screen and a plasma TV screen, so entire classes can view the stars from their desks.

Public Access

The observatory is open to the public on Saturday evenings throughout the year. The Western Nevada Astronomical Society hosts "Star Parties" Saturdays from sundown until 11 p.m. A star party is simply a gathering of people who share a common interest in astronomy. The society may schedule additional star parties for astronomical events like solar or lunar eclipses or meteor showers. For more information, please visit the WNAS web site at http://www.wnas-astronomy.org/.

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