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Dr. Robert Morin

Helping Students and Reaping Many Rewards

Robert Morin
Robert Morin

Why does Dr. Robert Morin teach? This is a question he has asked himself numerous times over the years. "The answer is always the same," Morin said. "I love teaching and working with students." Although this answer is simplistic at first blush, the reasons supporting his answer are many.

First, Morin enjoys working with students in the classroom. "I believe that the very essence of being a faculty member in higher education is working with students," Morin said. "In my teaching career, I have been fortunate to be able to teach students at the undergraduate and graduate levels in classes ranging from four to 130 students."

Morin believes that the optimal classroom-teaching environment is a smaller class size, like those at WNC. He derives pleasure from seeing students work hard, learn, and be successful in the academic world. His philosophy is that if a teacher sets a high level of expectation, challenges and guides students, most will meet the challenge and accomplish more than they ever thought they could.

Morin enjoys working with students outside the traditional classroom and believes the entire college experience is a learning opportunity for students. "I enjoy working with students in the context of extracurricular activities, whether at an event or a student organization," he said. "I have really enjoyed working with the student government members and directing the Nevada State Legislature Internship Program."

During the Nevada Legislature, WNC students learn through work as interns for members of the Nevada Assembly and the Nevada Senate. Besides their value in helping with the workload of a legislative session, the students learn much about the legislative process and life.

"What we teach in the classroom is only a portion of what students need to be successful and happy," Morin said. "Students need to experience the real world, in order to apply what they learn in the classroom and receive a full and well-rounded education."

Perhaps one of the greatest levels of pleasure and satisfaction Morin has derived from teaching came at the Nevada Legislature, while working with the WNC interns. Several of his former students were taking an active role in the legislative process -- one as a Nevada State Senator, another a Nevada State Assemblywoman, one an analyst with the Legislative Counsel Bureau, and five as lobbyists.

"I hear from former students who have earned various levels of degrees in higher education and teaching, as well as working in government and the private sector," he added.

Morin said he learns a great deal from his students, who bring a variety of beliefs, perspectives and experiences to the classroom. "It is this richness that allows students, as well as me, to learn," he said. "I stress to students that the learning process never ends." Although he has completed doctoral academic work, Morin continues to take classes each semester to keep learning and growing.

In short, Robert Morin teaches because he loves it and enjoys working with students. "I find it hard to believe that I actually get paid to do something that I love to do," Morin said. "I feel that I am the most fortunate person in the world."

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