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Paul Eastwood

From Alumnus to College Faculty Member

Paul Eastwood (right) works with a student
Paul Eastwood (right) works with a student

When Paul Eastwood graduated from high school, he determined that the work world, not college, was the direction he sought. But after time in the work force, he found he needed the skills that Western Nevada College could offer, and he became a successful graduate. Now, he has returned to his alma mater as a faculty member in the machine tool technology field he studied.

"Hindsight is great because I can now see that I've done everything in reverse in my life," Eastwood said, smiling. "I can honestly say that attending WNC and following through with my education changed my life for the better."

Like many high school graduates, Eastwood decided not to further his education but rather to go directly into the work force. Finding that most companies wanted workers with some type of skill, he entered a training program. He successfully completed a six-month course in machine shop practice, and later, a four-year apprenticeship in mold making. "This was fine for a while, but there was something still missing," he said.

Eastwood then met Welding Professor Jim Pawluk, who convinced him to continue his education and go for a degree. "At that stage of my life, I wasn't sure if I was ready for this type of commitment," Eastwood said. "Jim told me it would help me advance in the company I was working for."

Pawluk was right. Every course Eastwood took enhanced his resume and capabilities. With the help and encouragement of many people at WNC, he graduated with an associate degree in machine tool technology.

For Eastwood, his college graduation was one of his greatest accomplishments until he had the opportunity to be a temporary, full-time instructor for the WNC machine tool technology program. He is now a permanent full-time instructor.

"Being on the other side of education has been interesting and rewarding," he says. "I can now tell my story to students, so that they can see that continuing their education at an early age is to their advantage."

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