June 30, 2015

Letter to the NSHE Community from Chairman Kevin J. Page

Dear Students, Staff, Faculty and Administration,

I congratulate each student in the Nevada System of Higher Education for having the desire and dedication to improve your life through the pursuit of higher education. To the staff, faculty and administration, I personally thank each of you for your profound commitment to higher education and your dedication to our students and our communities. The past two years have been a time of recovery for NSHE and all of you have made major contributions to its resurgence. In concert with the Board of Regents, you have been instrumental in staying the course in accomplishing our mission. Together we have secured more adequate funding, made vast expansions in our state’s public medical education, implemented a new funding formula and implemented varied initiatives such as 15 to Finish and Jump Start. We have adapted to the emerging business development in the state with numerous certificate programs to assist in preparing students for employment while supporting our business community. These accomplishments have been made while adapting to the changing needs of our students.

The staff, faculty and administration has enabled NSHE to offer a continuously higher quality education to increasing numbers of Nevadans in an efficient and effective manner, making it easier for students to conveniently take courses of their choice and providing the state with an improved, more stable and well-educated workforce. Our research institutions continue to create an ever more innovative and entrepreneurial culture that has positioned Nevada to attract major new industries and advance the state’s goal of expanding and diversifying its economy.

You have consistently risen to the occasion as NSHE encountered numerous obstacles and have made it possible for us to emerge stronger and better prepared for the future. Though we have faced many challenges, you have made the role of Chairman of the Board easier than it would have been without your cooperation, contributions and unflagging determination to succeed. I will always be grateful for your support, counsel, perspective and diligence in executing the Board’s policies during my time in office. Your new Board of Regents officers, Chairman Rick Trachok and Vice Chairman Michael Wixom, are dedicated to supporting our students’ pursuit of a quality higher education. The new Board officers, along with all of their fellow Regents, will continue to improve the quality of higher education in this state. Most importantly, we will continue to support the staff, faculty and administration to provide the tools for student success.

Please continue to excel in your contributions to the Nevada System of Higher Education as you did during my time as Chairman. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you as Chairman of the Board of Regents, and I look forward to continuing to serve you as a member of the Board of the Regents.

With gratitude,
Kevin J. Page

c: Members of the Board of Regents
Chancellor Daniel J. Klaich

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