June 4, 2015

Honor High School Equivalency Recipients

WNC Honors High School Equivalency Recipients

Joanna Cortez and Francisco Gonzelez-Conrtearas
Joanna Cortez and Francisco Gonzelez-Conrtearas

It was a night of educational excellence and students being recognized for fulfilling a dream.

Western Nevada College’s High School Equivalency Program Celebration and National Adult Education Honor Society Induction brought the pride of success to nearly 100 students and their families this spring. Before a standing room audience at Carson Nugget Community Hall on the Carson City campus, pride and happiness abounded.

“It was very successful and the best-attended celebration to date,” said Jody Coxon, instructional specialist for Adult Literacy & Language at WNC. “Some of the students honored were aided through both the WNC Adult Literacy & Language and JOIN.”

Seventy-nine students celebrated passing their HSE exam, and 22 of those honorees were inducted into the 2015 National Adult Education Honor Society. It made for a festive evening.

Coxon said that most of the HSE recipients participated in an intensive nine-week Boot Camp that started in February at WNC, preparing them to take and pass their exam.

Angela Andrade-Holt, program coordinator for Adult Literacy & Language at WNC, offered opening and closing comments, while Ann Silver of JOIN Inc., Nevada’s workforce development agency, was the keynote speaker.

HSE recipients were Marcoz Alvarado, Megan Ambler, Nancy Arellano-Rodriguez, Marciela Beltran, Evany Bonfiglio, Jason Boswell, Maria Soledad Carrasco-Avilia, Karolina Ciesielska-Budzich, Kyle Clements, Alma K. Collins, Joanna Cortez, Guadalupe Cruzaley, Kristina Dantin, McKenzie Davidson, Andrea Davis, Martha Decardoza, Joel Diaz, Saul Diaz-Cardoza, Emma Dominguez, Vanessa Estrada, Devin Fernandez, Ramiro Flores, Leticia Fuentes, Francisco Gonzales-Contreras, Noemi Gonzalez, Francisco Gonzalez, Drew Graham, Juan L. Gutierrez, Richard Haas, Skyler Harris, Lydia Hensley, Rosalinda Hernandez, Oscar Herrera, Chris Hopkins, Sean Interrante, Kayleigh Jensen, Kevin Jones, Eddy Lanuza, Patricia LeClaire, Michael Mackaben, Gricelda Martinez, Robert Martinez, Joseph Mathison, Matt McNee, Lesley Melandez, Francisco Mendoza, Shannon Miles, Jennifer Miller, Amanda Miller, Kolten Missamore, Hailey Murphy, Gabriela Nodar, Trenton O’Daye, Stevie Ore, Michael Pennino, Bradley Perry, Juan Quezada-Lara, Ashly Redwine, Sarah Reid, Rachael Rephan, Noemy Rodriguez, Esperanza Romero, Harley Rough, Ryan Nolan, Gricelda Salas, Nodia Santiago, Sheena Schweizer, Cody Shadle, Arline Simental, Diane Smith, Jordan Stout, Raymond Timbreza, Gabe Tucker, Asinate Valentin, Caitlin Vargas, Patricia Vargas, Page Ward, Sarah Willocks, and Cassandra Yanez.

The NAEHS honorees were made of students from WNC’s HSE and English Language Learning programs.
“The ELL students who were chosen for NAEHS were enrolled in English Language Learner classes, which are six to nine weeks in length and run concurrently,” Coxon said.

The National Adult Education Honor Society is dedicated toward providing meaningful recognition to deserving adult education students who have demonstrated perseverance, quality work and excellent work ethic.
NAEHS inductees were Mike Beardsley, Raena Blais, Melisa Burciaga, Claudia Cervantes, Morena Chiquillo, Aurora Cortez, Jiamin Cuî, Devin Fernandez, Nelida Hernandez, Hou Ling, Antionette Machado, Sandra Mata, Victor Mata, Maria Meda, Tammy Morowski, Angela Sanchez Peguero, Diane Smith, Daisy Solano, Asinate Valentin, Juan Ramon Vega, Gumercinda Velasquez and Luis Velasquez.

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