April 23, 2015

Others Students Invited to Join ASWN

Andrea Senda Voted New Student President

Andrea Senda - ASWN President 2015-16
Andrea Senda - ASWN President 2015-16

Providing a voice for the students at Western Nevada College and adding student government as a second family inspired Andrea Senda to run for the presidency of the Associated Students of Western Nevada.

Inspiration become fruition as Senda was elected as ASWN president for the 2015-16 school year.

“It’s really exciting,” said Senda,. “I’m up for challenges. I’ll do anything I can. It’s all a lesson; if you win, you learn from it and if you lose, you learn from it.”

In addition, WNC students chose Cheyenne Bryant as vice president, Shannon Brazil as secretary and Steven Navarro as treasurer. Cristal Browning, Parker Dixon, Alexandra Dodge, Chris Fordyce, James Striplin and Rosemary Kufalk will serve as senators on the board.

Student Life Coordinator Lilly Leon-Vicks said AWSN is also reaching out to write-in candidates to determine who are interest in joining the student government group. They can apply online on the WNC job board for ASWN positions at http://www.wnc.edu/jobs/student_jobs/on_campus/

The elected officers will be sworn in on May 13. They will go through training with the current ASWN board members through June 1.
Senda said she became interested in ASWN while working at the Student Center.

“Their office is right behind us. I wasn’t a representative or a senator, I was just a student who hung around that crowd,” she said.

However, Senda does have a background in student government - she represented students in middle school and high school.

“It’s good to be a part of something, and it’s fun to have a second family, and ASWN is definitely a second family,” Senda said.

Among her immediate plans: to urge the state Legislature to restore bridge funding to WNC, to advocate for more funding for student clubs, and encourage the creation of more student clubs.

Senda has a background in helping others. She is currently working as an intern and full-time employee for the Carson City Department of Alternative Sentencing. She helps those who are under the department’s supervision through formal probation or pretrial supervision to find employment and housing, and earn their GEDs.

Senda is studying criminal justice and has career goals of working in criminal justice or law enforcement.

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