April 22, 2015

WNC Carson Main Art Gallery

Published Poets to Read on May 7-4 pm

Poetry lovers are in for a treat on Thursday, May 7 at Western Nevada College. Published poets Laura Wetherington and Jared Stanley are scheduled to read starting at 4 p.m. in WNC’s Main Gallery.

“I don't know how long it's been since WNC had poets read here who have actually published books, but it's been quite a while,” said Douglas Barrett, Ph.D., an English instructor at WNC since 2007, is coordinating the event.

Barrett said that Wetherington and Stanley, who teach at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, bring a contemporary style to poetry.

“Laura and Jared aren’t just published poets.’ Their work is thoroughly informed by a cutting-edge, postmodern sensibility,” Barrett said. “It's not your standard Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson. There's a lot more word play, a lot more disruption of language.”

Both Stanley and Wetherington were recently named Nevada Arts Council Artist Fellowship winners for literary arts.

Wetherington’s first poetry book, “A Map Predetermined and Chance,” published in 2011 and was chosen by C.S. Giscombe for the National Poetry Series.

Barrett said that he met Wetherington during a workshop last spring when Sierra Nevada College for the opening of its Poetry Center.

“She gave us each a poem written in a language we didn't know and asked us to produce an English equivalent based on the sounds and feeling of the original. The results were fascinating, and my effort took me to a place in my head I never knew existed,” Barrett said.

Stanley has authored two poetry books, “The Weeds” and “Book Made of Forest.” He is a frequent collaborator with plastic artists, contributing to “It Calls from the Creek,” “Surrender” and “Lake Lahontan’s Maritime Legacy.” Stanley has three projects in the works: “Oaths of Blossoms,” an inquiry into the obligations of wildflowers; “The Heliotropic Poetry Lab,” a writing rover charged with military mysticism; and “I Can Hear the Universe Singing,” a novel in objects.

Barrett said that attendees of the poetry reading can expect the Northern Nevada poets to give them something special and unconventional.

“This kind of poetry can help loosen our minds up and give us a sense of verbal possibility that more traditional poets like John Keats, W.B. Yeats or T.S. Eliot " great as they are" may no longer provide,” Barrett said.

A reception will follow the readings.

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