March 3, 2015

Medicare, Teen Skills, Computers and Self-Defense

Self Improvement Classes Available

Western Nevada College non-credit Community Education classes not only offer job skill preparation, they also help build life skills and provide help with personal health. Several classes are on tap this spring that will provide benefits to local residents.

They include:
Medicare: Clear, Simple and Understandable
Designed for those who are currently participating in the Medicare Program; for those who will soon be in the program; and for caregivers who are assisting others who are in Medicare. Learn aspects of Medicare terminology, reimbursement policies and procedures for submission of a claim. Parts A,B, C, D will be discussed in full with examples: the Health Care Reform Act (3200) and its effects on the Medicare Program-facts and myths.
Fee $76.

Life Skills for Teens, Young Adults and Their Parents
Offers two four-hour sessions to learn about social interaction in the grownup world of good decision making; reasonable spending; appropriate social interactions; effective study skills; regulating mood and behavior; and building strong relationships for life. Social etiquette will also be discussed. Parents are encouraged to participate in the class with their child at no charge to them.
Fee: $131 for the first child. Free to parents and one other sibling.

Computer and Internet Basics
Learn basic computer skills, including mouse, keyboard, saving documents, printing skills, creating and using an email account, and viewing attachments such as photos or resumes. Learn to attach and send your own documents. If time allows additional instruction in digital media and job search skills will be covered.

Meets Saturday, March 14, 2015, 9 am - 1 pm.

Fee $56

Women's Self Defense
Enhance your awareness and self-confidence in a 10-hour self-defense class for women. Provides instruction on the tools that are at your disposal to assist in protecting yourself. Nationally, statistics show a murder every 31 minutes, a rape every two minutes, an assault every 40 seconds, and domestic violence occurrences at least every minute- of every day... Learn to protect yourself. A great class for Mother and Daughter to attend.

Meets: Wednesday, April 1-29, 5:30 to 7:30 pm.
Fee $91

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