Event Date

November 19, 2014

Workshop Wednesday, Nov. 19

WNC Students Can Participate in Business Startup Initiative

Western Nevada College students are participating in a fall workshop series to foster their interest in launching a business.

Adams Hub for innovation of Carson City and Entrepreneurs Assembly, a Nevada nonprofit corporation, launched IdeaSpark! in October in a collaborative effort to bolster the entrepreneurial sector of the economy for Carson City and the surrounding area.

The workshops are designed to move business hopefuls from the idea stage to actual commerce. They’ll learn how to come up with that great idea, consider whether their idea is worth pursuing, and what resources are available to them as they move forward with their business model.

“The college years are the perfect time for students to explore their entrepreneurial ideas,” said Sherry Black, WNC’s Director of Career and Technical Education. “Workshops like IdeaSpark! provide resources and information, readily available to the students.

They can use their newly polished entrepreneurial skills in whatever manner suits their career path, whether it is starting a new business or developing a nonprofit to help people.”

The first workshop attracted more than 40 participants who are interested in a business start-up training program. The next workshop is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19, at Adams Hub, 111 W. Proctor St. in Carson City.

Press Release: November 12, 2014

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