November 10, 2014

Fallon Campus Improvements

Beck Library Updates Technology for Student Use

Larger Monitors Assist Graphic Design Students
Larger Monitors Assist Graphic Design Students

An investment in new computer monitors at the Beck Library on Western Nevada College’s Fallon campus is providing students with improved visual quality and an opportunity to increase their task loads.

The library has installed 10 new Hewlett Packard Pavilion xi 27-inch monitors, replacing the existing 17-inch monitors. The monitors are synced with HP Z400 PCs.

“The new monitors are a huge improvement on the old screens not only because of the increase in size but also because of the improvement in image quality. The new screen provides very crisp images, and the color rendition is a great improvement over the old monitors,” said Ron Belbin, WNC’s library support specialist and academic skills center coordinator.

“The larger screen area also allows students to more effectively split the screens for multitasking.”

The new monitors were funded through student tech fees.

Belbin said the new monitors will also benefit students taking graphics communications classes.

“Students who are taking GRC classes are particularly excited about the new monitors because they frequently work on projects at the pixel level, so the large, clear images with truer colors make their work easier and more accurate,” Belbin said.

The displaced 17-inch monitors were relocated to the Carson City campus, according to Belbin.


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New Computers to Assist Students    
New Computers to Assist Students    
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