April 28, 2014

Hundreds Attend Performance, Workshop

Sign Language Club ‘Abababa’ Event Sells Out

The Western Nevada College American Sign Language Club event with the unusual name wound up being the hottest ticket in town. Abababa sold out its April 11 show at the Carson Nugget as more than 400 hearing and deaf spectators watched the performance of comedian, storyteller and national lecturer Alan Abarbanell.

The fundraiser was able to assist the ASL club with scholarship awards and the costs of holding other club events and activities.

“Students, friends, family, deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing all enjoyed a night of comedy and tragedy that bridged the deaf world with the hearing world,” said Joseph Baggs, a WNC American Sign Language teaching assistant who, along with ASL professor Cindy Frank, organized the Friday evening public show and Saturday workshop for educators.

The preparation, organization and the coordination of the weekend events impressed Abarbanell, the offspring of a deaf parent.

“In 12 years of traveling the country, performing and teaching, I have rarely had as smooth and enjoyable an experience as I did with the fine people of Western Nevada College,” Abarbanell said. “Cindy Frank, Joseph Baggs and their team produced what appeared to be an effortless and highly successful
Abababa event weekend with a live stage show as well as workshop.

"The truth, however, is that there was tremendous effort, skill and coordination poured into the pre-event ramp-up to the weekend, and it resulted in a sold-out show, a highly successful workshop and a most-satisfying experience for me as the presenter.”

An interactive workshop presented by Abarbanell examined the Code of Professional Conduct, critical-thinking skills and understanding and comprehension of cultural mediation issues for working with the deaf.

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