April 3, 2014

History Class on India Coming This Fall

Beginning this fall, Western Nevada College students can learn about the history of India’s multi-faceted culture, politics, economics, and how it has evolved since prehistoric times. A new course, History 295: Special Topics in History: India will be offered by Dr. Jerry Joldersma, a onetime resident of India.

Enrolling students can fulfill their social science requirement for an Associate of Arts of Associate of Science degree.

“I know and love India and I treasure the opportunity to share my passion with WNC students,” Joldersma said. He spent an academic year in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) at the University of Ceylon, working on his thesis, ‘Ceylon and the United Nations.’ He was also employed for three years with the Department of State in New Delhi.

Students can expect a wide range of topics to be examined and covered.

“This course will be a broad survey of Indian history from prehistoric times through the regal empires, the colonial experience, and modern history,” Joldersma said. “We will also study the historical and current Indian political systems and its experience with socialism, as well as its rapid economic growth in recent years. Finally, we will look at India’s culture, including Hinduism, Buddhism, the caste system, the position of women, and a brief look at its music, dance, literature and movies.”

Joldersma received his doctorate from Patterson School of Diplomacy at the University of Kentucky. Fall enrollment begins Monday, April 14.

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