April 2, 2014

Instructor to Offer Alzheimer's Talk

Western Nevada College history instructor and researcher Lane Simonian will offer a free presentation on Alzheimer’s disease on Thursday, April 17, 7 to 9 p.m. on the Carson City campus, in Bristlecone Building room 332.

Lane Simonian, who teaches European civilization at WNC, will focus his presentation on the role that peroxynitrites or potent neurotoxins have in triggering Alzheimer’s disease.

“I will look at the pathways that lead to the formation of peroxynitrites, the risk factors that increase peroxynitrites and thus Alzheimer’s disease, the damage that peroxynitrites do to the brain, and human clinical trials and case studies,” Simonian said. Some particularly good peroxynitrite scavengers have not only stopped the progression of the disease but also partially reversed it, he said.

Simonian began studying Alzheimer’s nearly 10 years ago when the disease touched his family. At the time, three family members, including his mother, were in various stages of the disease.

That research helped them plan for a course of action against the disease.

“My sisters and I began using aromatherapy to treat our mother in 2007,” Simonian said. “She began to sleep better, recognize places like her home, recognize and identify certain objects such as roses, basically stopped having delusions and became more alert and aware,” Simonian said.

Besides experience in history, Simonian has a background in biology.

“The biochemistry I learned in college did help me understand the disease better,” he said. “In addition, I used historical research skills to find and evaluate many studies regarding the disease.”

During his two-hour presentation, Simonian will discuss the role of aromatic compounds found in various herbs serve in the treatment of the disease.

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