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October 9, 2013

Retiring President Cared About Students, Community

Dr. Carol Lucey Accomplished Much for WNC

Dr. Carol Lucey
Dr. Carol Lucey

As Dr. Carol Lucey said farewell on October 9, retiring from her post as WNC president for nearly 15 years at the helm, her many accomplishments are notable and important to remember.

Among the many innovative and positive changes that Lucey brought to Western Nevada College, she:

Led the college toward a greater emphasis on academic programs that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as those that enhance economic development in the region.

Made significant advances in the enrollment of recent high school graduates and underserved populations, and enhanced campus life with support of student activities and enrichment programs.

Encouraged student success initiatives that increased degree completion by recent high school graduates and minority students.

Established accelerated workplace programs through partnerships with the Northern Nevada Development Authority, the Manufacturing Collaborative, state and federal training agencies, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and other stakeholders.

Led the state in recognizing the value of developing applied baccalaureate degrees in Nevada and created WNC’s first applied bachelor’s degree, in Construction Management.

Created a partnership with Nevada State College that is successfully allowing WNC students to complete bachelor’s degrees in teacher education and other career fields without leaving the area.

Supported development of a certification in hospitality, and additional technical certificates, associate or bachelor’s degrees in health care, information technology, business and manufacturing.

Created certificate and degree programs in Deaf Studies/American Sign Language, Networking Technologies, Automated Systems Technologies, Graphic Communications, Geographic Information Systems and Information Technology, and more.

Created the Specialty Crop Institute, an innovative regional program that provides diverse workshops around the state teaching techniques for local, water-sustainable farming.

Oversaw construction of the Joe Dini Jr. Library and Student Center, the Jack C. Davis Observatory, the John L. Harvey baseball field, new college art galleries, and four campus solar arrays. She also encouraged a long-term focus on developing energy sustainable campuses that are safe, and accessible to disabled students.

Most important, Lucey shared and advocated a fervent passion for helping others to fulfill their potential, improve their lives, and build healthy, vibrant communities.

Press Release: October 10, 2013

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