July 29, 2013

Legislature Expands Education Provision for Dependents of Fallen Public Servants

The Nevada Legislature has revised a law that provides payment of educational costs at a school within Nevada’s System of Higher Education for dependent children of public servants killed in the line of duty.

Assembly Bill 130 will now require that the Nevada Board of Regents waive undergraduate registration fees, laboratory fees and expenses for required textbooks and course materials for dependent children of public safety officers who die while performing his or her job.

In redefining the law, eligible dependents are offspring of a deceased person serving a public agency in an official capacity "with or without compensation" as a peace officer, firefighter or as a member of a rescue or emergency medical services crew.

Western Nevada College students to whom this new law applies to should contact Renee Davis, NSHE director of student affairs, at 775-784-3447. After being certified, the NSHE office will provide the student with a letter to present to WNC’s business office so tuition and additional fees can be waived.

According to the law, higher education costs won’t be covered after the dependent reaches the age of 23.

Funding is created through a trust account in the state general fund. The Nevada Board of Regents, which administers this trust, may accept gifts and grants to deposit into the account.

If funding is insufficient for such requests in a given year, the Nevada Board of Regents may request funding from the state’s contingency account.

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