July 19, 2013

Homecoming for WNC’s New VP of Finance & Administrative Services

Chet Burton Returns as VP

Western Nevada College’s new vice president of Finance and Administrative Services isn’t all that new. Chet Burton succeeds Dan Neverett, who retired this summer, in a job that oversees a wide variety of administrative services. But he previously worked at WNC as the controller and Fiscal Director from 2009-11.

“It’s great to reconnect with the WNC family and be back as part of the team,” Burton said. “There’s a great group of people who work here, and it feels good to come back.”

Burton’s diverse professional background includes 20 years as a Supply Officer in the Navy, including stints at the Pentagon and as a legislative liaison at Capitol Hill. He then launched a career in the corporate sector, working for nine years in a variety of roles including Controller and Finance Director at International Game Technology (IGT), a global-reaching gaming machine manufacturer, headquartered in Reno.

Following his initial time at WNC, he was the chief financial officer for a small consulting business in Arlington, Va, and most recently was director of finance for Unwired Planet, a tech company that recently relocated from Silicon Valley to Reno.

“I bring a little different viewpoint,” Burton said. “I have higher education experience and have worked in corporate and private industry.”

Burton and Neverett worked closely together from 2009-11, so he learned from his predecessor and has perspective about many of his responsibilities.

“There are a lot of challenges, and obviously, following Dan Neverett, there are some large shoes to fill. He’s done a great job,” Burton said.

“My strength lies on the budget and accounting-finance side, but with the understanding that it’s a much bigger department now with marketing, facilities, IT and some of the ancillary support roles,” he said. “

Burton and other leaders at WNC will begin with less state funding and the responsibility of providing the state with ready workers for an evolving economy.

“I look at it as the glass is half full, that the worst is behind us. Obviously, with the new funding formula and some of the other things that are out there, those are the things that will continue to be challenges and we will have to address them,” he said. “From an economic standpoint, I believe the state has turned the corner and we can be a catalyst to support the economic growth for the next wave.

“I’m really appreciative for the opportunity to take a significant role at the college, and look forward to rolling up the sleeves and supporting the institution any way I can.”

Burton and his wife, Amy, have two grown children. When he’s not crunching numbers, Burton can be found outdoors skiing, hiking, biking and boating.

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