June 10, 2013

Family Business Inspires Success

Brothers Earn Bachelor of Technology Degrees

Learning the family construction business in high school helped determine the direction of study at Western Nevada College for brothers Alex and Cory Jares.

After building homes for Jares Construction Inc. in Reno, the brothers decided that they wanted to pursue construction management degrees at WNC and work as professionals in the field.

The Jares brothers have received their Bachelor of Technology degrees in Construction Management from WNC, three years after earning their Associate of Applied Science degrees in Construction Project Management from WNC in 2010. They both agree that their latest degree means the achievement of a lifelong dream and will allow them to provide for their families, expand their knowledge in the construction field and share what they’ve learned with others.

In addition to graduating in identical years, the Jareses will also marry in the same year. Alex, 25, was married in January, and Cory, 23, was able to squeeze in his vows two day before graduation. As intertwined as their lives are, having a brother in the same field, however, didn’t simplify college.

“Pursuing the same degree didn't make the process of achieving the degree any easier,” Cory said. “We had the same classes; however, we were a semester apart from each other. We did study together when we had classes together, which helped if one understood the subject better than the other.”

And there were inevitable challenges along the way.

“The most challenging aspect of getting my BTech degree would have to be the classes that we didn’t have a lot of exposure to prior to enrolling, such as environmental law, accounting and construction law,” Cory said. But he said his instructors made it possible to comprehend the more difficult subject matter in those classes.

“The instruction that we received at Western Nevada College was amazing, and the professors did an outstanding job of explaining the subject and demonstrating their knowledge of the subject.”

Alex said arranging his class schedule presented some challenges. “Not every class for the degree is offered every semester, so you have to take the classes that you can when they are offered,” he said.

While the brothers have been nearly inseparable throughout their college education, they might go their separate ways, professionally.

“I would like to step away from the family construction company and expand my knowledge with another company,” Cory said. “I enjoy building houses, but I would like to expand my knowledge base by moving into commercial and heavy civil construction.”

He dreams of building high-rise buildings, roads, bridges and dams. Meanwhile, Alex aspires to serve his community with his construction skills. He’s currently working as a volunteer firefighter with the Galena Fire Department.

“I would like to be hired on for a full-time job where I could put my construction knowledge to use to help protect my fellow firefighters and help protect the community,” Alex said. “If this plan comes together, it would be possible that I would be working with my brother at certain times, which would be fun.”

“Alex and I are the first people in our family to attend college," Cory said, "so this degree is very special to us for that reason. I hope it is an inspiration for somebody who has been trying to decide if they should go to college.”

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