June 4, 2013

Interpreting Certification Preparation

Deaf Studies Program Offers New Career Track

Deaf Studies Students Learn Sign Language
Deaf Studies Students Learn Sign Language

Western Nevada College offer a newly revised degree and a certification preparation sequence for those who are interested in working with the Deaf and hard of hearing.

The new curriculum ladders coursework so that students can prepare for a certificate of completion in interpreting, which can be put to immediate use in the job market. Then, students may continue their education, working toward an American Sign Language Certificate of Achievement, and ultimately earning an Associate of Applied Science in Deaf Studies.

Students who complete WNC’s interpreting certification preparation acquire the skills necessary to take the Educational Interpreter’s Performance Examination, for educational interpreting, or the National Interpreters Certificate, for community interpreting.

“In today’s economy it is rare to find a field in which there is high demand,” said Cindy Frank, professor of deaf studies. “But, educational and community sign language interpreters are in very high demand throughout the United States and Canada.”

The courses completed for in the certification preparation sequence can be applied toward a Certificate of Achievement, which provides basic interpersonal conversation skills. With American Sign Language being the third most used language in the United States, employees who can demonstrate these bilingual skills are always in demand.

The Associate of Applied Science in Deaf Studies is designed to provide students with a strong linguistic and cultural foundation, enabling them to enter any career profession that works with people who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Students seeking the AAS degree will acquire fluency in American Sign Language and educational approached in language development. Students will study the rich cultural and historic aspects of the Deaf community and will learn about the current issues facing the Deaf or hard of hearing.

Western has helped nearly 200 students receive employment in this field, and the new curriculum offers students a clear path to completing a degree, with career advancing training that can help put them to work. Upon earning the AAS, students can pursue careers in educational or community interpreting, Certified Deaf interpreting or take the foundational skills and apply them to teaching, speech and language pathology, social work, psychology or any occupation that interacts with the Deaf community.


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Students Learn American Sign Language    
Students Learn American Sign Language    
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