February 9, 2012

Showing February 6 - March 9

Exhibit Offers an Interpretation of Marine Landscapes


Desire and The Landscape, an exhibit by printmaker Sara Whorf shows Monday, Feb. 6-Friday, March 9, at the Western Nevada College Main Gallery, located in the Bristlecone Building, WNC Carson City. The exhibit melds elements of marine and California landscape with everyday symbols and narrative to create a series of prints bearing the artist’s literal and metaphorical interpretation of the land and sea.

In her own words, Whorf describes her work as a portrayal of her “ideas about creating balance and survival strategies in landscapes that we have manipulated as a result of our desires.”

She says, “I use abstracted forms of objects such as hooks and lures, warships and sailboats, candelabras and windmills to symbolize desire and attraction, military might and recreational sailing, and old and new forms of light and energy creation. The repetition of symbols in different combinations and in different visual environments is a way to explore the nuances of their expressive potential. They form a personal narrative about the triumph of future innovation, hard work over adversity and the folly of our own self-importance. It is an optimistic act to throw the hook into the water, or make the mark on the blank sheet of paper, and I value the tenacity of the human spirit to continually strive toward the next goal. We expect our purely motivated desires to be fulfilled, and are often taken aback when faced with the unrelenting force of our natural environment.”

In conjunction with the exhibit, Whorf will offer a one-day reduction linocut workshop, Friday, March 9. The workshop is open to the public; registration is required. Cost is $25, and includes all materials. For information/registration, 445-4294.

About the Artist: Sarah Whorf was born in Santa Monica, California. She received an M.A. in printmaking from California State University Northridge and an M.F.A. in printmaking from California State University, Long Beach. She is currently an Associate Professor at Humboldt State University, in Northern California, where she teaches printmaking.

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