Event Date

May 30, 2011

WNC Carson City Main Gallery

Art Show Features Cartoons, Ceramics

Untitled Contemplations by Craig Whitehill
"Untitled Contemplations" by Craig Whitehill

Remember when summertime meant lying on in the grass, staring at the sky and imagining a world of objects in the puffy clouds above? Colors and shapes became airplanes and animals, and artistic expression was born.

Carson City artist Raymond "Craig" Whitehill offers just such a feast for the imagination in this summer's gallery exhibit at Western Nevada College Carson City. His colorful, clever ceramics, cartoon characters and accompanying stories are titled: "Mostly Perididdle: a look around."

'Perididdle' is a registered trademark for Whitehill's cartoon characters and related graphic works. It is, he says, "the place we all want to be." Through playful characters and whimsical scenes, his ceramics and cartoons tell stories of experiences that shape our lives. This exhibit of his newest work places his hand-drawn characters in landscapes or situations, and also shows them separate as independent statements.

"This is easy to understand abstraction and lyrical cartoon," he said. "It's supposed to be fun and friendly art that leaves the viewer feeling better for having looked and maybe even seen something of themselves in it."

Whitehill grew up in California and later moved to the Carson City/Lake Tahoe area. He has worked as a commercial artist and architectural draftsman, but made his career as an air traffic controller. Whitehill's art allows viewers to see bits and pieces of his diverse past experiences, in art that seeks to communicate to a broad audience.

"Although there are vastly different points of view among us, it is my goal to find that thing in the library which we can share," he said.

Whitehill's Perididdle and Subdivision work have been shown in Denver and Seattle, and most recently in Carson City and Reno. Earlier works have been published in Nevada Magazine and his commercial work has been seen in national magazines.

"Perididdle" shows at the Main Gallery in the Bristlecone Building, May 30-October 15. Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-9 p.m.; Saturday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Press Release: May 26, 2011


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