March 28, 2011

Security Alert - Carson City campus

Date: March 28, 2011

Prepared by: Jack Piirainen

Location/Area: WNC Carson Campus

Case Number: WN2011-1015


Eric Hogdgon, a former student at WNC, has sent disturbing and threatening e-mails to various WNC and Nevada System of Higher Education staff. He is currently trespassed from WNC and an order for protection is being sought through Carson Justice Court. Carson Sheriff's Department is investigating this incident. If this person is seen on campus, notify the WNC public safety department and local law enforcement immediately.

Name: Eric Hodgdon
Status: Former student

If this person is seen on campus, please contact the on-duty Public Safety officer at 775-230-1952.

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Eric Hodgdon    
Eric Hodgdon    
For additional information, please contact:
WNC Information and Marketing Services
2201 W. College Parkway
Carson City, NV 89703
Phone: 775-445-3234
Fax: 775-445-3198

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