March 2, 2011

Proposed Budget Cuts Threaten College

A Message from President Carol Lucey

Your college needs your help! In these tough economic times, we know that all Nevadans have been struggling, and cutting back. At Western Nevada College, we have been reducing costs in all areas of the college for three years to meet the various budget reductions imposed by the state.

Over the next two years, the current budget proposal for state support to Western Nevada College cuts our General Fund support by 31.7%, on top of cuts already made in each of the last three years. These new proposed cuts would directly threaten our college's mission to serve students and employers across our 18,000-square-mile service area, and may make it impossible for many residents to earn a college degree and enhance or obtain workforce skills.

The college community has united to find ways to continue serving our students in the face of the past cuts. Our professors are admitting more students into their classes than ever before, and they are teaching more class sections. Members of our support staff are doing the work of several positions and all have taken pay cuts. Still, we have been forced to eliminate some academic programs, student fees have increased, and many students have been unable to get into classes.

Now Nevada colleges and universities have been asked to make up the lost funding by targeting students for tuition increases that would be so large that many may have to leave college and many more may be prevented from even starting college. At a time when Nevada has sky-high unemployment and a dire need to educate and graduate its citizens, education is a major driver for economic expansion. This is not the time to cripple higher education's ability to meet state needs. Our state must prepare for the future, not slip back into the past.

See below for a list of the state legislators who serve western Nevada. They are in session at the state legislature in Carson City right now, trying to solve the state's budget crisis. I ask that you find the name of your state senator and assemblyperson on this list and contact them to ask that they protect higher education in Nevada from further economy-destroying cuts. The contact information for the governor's office is also on the list for your use.

We are proud of the thousands of WNC students and graduates. You represent the ultimate reason for our college's existence and you are making a difference in your communities. Your college needs you now. Nevada needs you. Please do what you can to help. Thank you.

Nevada Legislators Who Represent the
Western Nevada College Service Area

Senator Don Gustavson - parts of Lyon and Storey
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-1480

Senator Ben Kieckhefer - part of Carson City
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-1450

Senator Mike McGinness - Churchill, Mineral, Douglas, and Lyon
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-1442

Senator Dean Rhoads - Pershing
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-1447

Senator James Settelmeyer - parts of Carson City, Douglas, Lyon, and Storey
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-1470

Assemblyman Ed Goedhart - Mineral, part of Churchill
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-8805

Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea - Pershing, part of Churchill
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-8573

Assemblyman Tom Grady - Lyon and Storey, parts of Carson City and Churchill
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-8507

Assemblyman Pete Livermore - part of Carson City
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-8825

For additional information

Governor Brian Sandoval
Phone: 775-684-5670
Fax: 775-684-5683


For additional information, please contact:
WNC Information and Marketing Services
2201 W. College Parkway
Carson City, NV 89703
Phone: 775-445-3234
Fax: 775-445-3198

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