January 7, 2009

Western Student Athletes Score Well in Classroom

Baseball fans love their statistics and can often cite a player's batting average, a pitcher's earned run average or their won-lost record, but if you talk about Western Nevada baseball, no conversation is complete without mention of grade point average.

For the past seven semesters, since baseball began at Western, the collective team GPA has never dipped below a "B." Western Wildcats show they can work hard on and off the field, and the 26 baseball players at the college earned a 3.11 GPA for the fall semester with a 95 percent course completion record.

"After building character and good citizens, academic success is our team's top priority," Coach DJ Whittemore said today. "The players understand they are here to take advantage of the opportunity to earn a degree and transfer to four-year universities and colleges." Whittemore cited the college's supportive environment, including administration, counseling and a tutoring program as ingredients for success.

One student, Mike Long, from Boulder City, scored a perfect 4.0 GPA and earned 18 credits. Logan Odom of Medford, Ore., had a 3.66 GPA and Marshall Kennebrew of Henderson earned a 3.54.

The 17 players on the new women's softball team also reported academic success. In their first semester, the women earned a 3.10 GPA with an 85 percent course completion rate.


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