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September 22, 2007

Move the Sofa and Learn About Feng Shui at WNC

Will painting the office a lighter color ease stress? Could rearranging the living room furniture help improve a relationship? Western Nevada College offers a non-credit community education class this fall on Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang.

Special Topics: Holistic Living Intro to Feng Shui (CMSV 095C, Call #37019, Sec. C01) will be offered on Saturday, Sept. 22, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. This one-day workshop will introduce the foundational theories of Feng Shui with tools and methods that students can apply to their own exterior and interior form. Energy flow, furniture arrangement, and color will be addressed.

"Traditional Feng Shui principles can be applied in the home or workplace to maximize positive environmental energies," said instructor Nina Wilson. "By activating these auspicious influences, potential for harmonious relationships as well as opportunities to attract prosperity may be enhanced. Feng Shui seeks to minimize harmful, stressful influences as energy is balanced throughout the environment."

Wilson has been a professional Feng Shui consultant for 13 years. She is a member of an international team of environmental consultants that focus on a variety of public and personal projects. She is trained in authentic traditional methods passed down from master to disciple with roots dating back to the Tang, Sung, Ming, and Qing dynasties.

Cost: $60.

Press Release: September 13, 2007

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