June 7, 2006

Save Gas and Take an Online Class This Summer

Looking for ways to save money on gas this summer? Avoid driving altogether and take an online class at Western Nevada Community College. Credit and non-credit classes that provide job skills, prepare students for college work, or apply toward specific WNCC degrees and certificates are being offered.

Business Mathematics (BUS 109B, call #20191, Sec. W01) is a three-credit class that will review fundamental mathematical processes for consumers and vendors. Discounts, commissions, depreciation, overhead, and interest rates will be some of the topics covered. E-mail cook@wnc.edu for info. Cost: $173.25.

Another three-credit course, Leadership & Human Relations (MGT 212, call #20942, Sec. W01), will help students to understand and manage human behavior in organizations. Central to this course is developing a better understanding of one's leadership abilities and exploring some of the more effective ways of leading others. E-mail the instructor at downey@wcc.edu for initial course info. Cost: $173.25.

Survey of American Constitutional History (HIST 111, call #25504, Sec. W01) will cover the origin, development, and history of the Nevada and United States constitutions. This three-credit class will examine the American judicial system through a number of significant decisions and will analyze the individuals who made those decisions. Contact the instructor at ddwyer@wnc.edu for info. Cost: $173.25.

Other summer classes featured include Bookkeeping, Composition, Fundamentals of College Mathematics, Health Wellness, Music Appreciation, Principles of Microeconomics/Macroeconomics, and Total Quality Management. A full class schedule is available online at www.wnc.edu.

Summer classes begin Monday, June 12.

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