January 9, 2006

Time to Delve into a Great Book at WNCC

With all the wet weather hitting western Nevada recently, there's no better time to dive into some great books, listen to fascinating short stories and poems, or learn how to create a newspaper from scratch. Interesting English classes on these and many more subjects are being offered this spring at Western Nevada Community College starting Monday, Jan. 23.

"We have an array of classes available for people who enjoy the chance to read and discuss literature," WNCC English Professor Marilee Swirczek said. "We like to respond to requests from the community; in fact, the Great Books class was actually recommended to us by a student."

Themes of Literature: Great Books (ENG 223, Call #14121, Sec. CO2) will be offered on Thursdays from 7-9:45 p.m. English instructor John Newell will teach works written slightly before and during the Italian Renaissance. "It will be a mix of book-club style discussion and a presentation of historical material in a relaxed atmosphere," Newell said. "We will provide students with the socio-historical context for the works."

Selections from "The Divine Comedy " by Dante, "The Decameron" by Giovanni Boccaccio, "The Prince" by Machiavelli, "Orlando Furioso: A Romantic Epic" by Ludovico Ariosto, and "The Book of the Courtier" by Baldesar Castiglione will be discussed. College graduates looking to expand their knowledge, as well as degree-seeking students seeking English credits are encouraged to take this three-credit course. Cost is $164.25.

Themes of Literature: The Experimental Novel (ENG 223, Call #13007, Sec. CO1) on Tuesdays from 7-9:45 p.m. will explore short stories, poems, plays, and novels. Noted professor David Roberts will teach the class and select the themes for the class to study. Students could examine a topic like the American myth of the frontier one day, and study perceived differences between various multicultural perceptions and attitudes in Europe and the United States the next.

The class is expected to be very popular. Roberts had huge enrollments in his classes at Michigan State University when he was an undergraduate professor. Cost for this three-credit class is $164.25.

Special Topics: Print and You, the Making of a Newspaper (ENG 299B, Call #10842, Sec. CO1) is an English course for students looking to get hands-on experience producing an actual newspaper. Students will produce the WNCC student newspaper, the Wildcat Press. The one-credit class costs $54.75 and will meet on the day and time that best fits the students' schedules.

Other English classes offered are Basic Writing III, Composition I and II, Themes of Literature, and World Literature I.

In addition, Nevada residents 62 years or older may register for credit or audit status in any credit course without paying registration, application or admission fees. Lab and technology fees are still applicable, however, and all seniors must pay a $4 per credit technology fee.

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