December 22, 2005

WNCC Receives $30,000 Gift From Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center

Recognizing the ongoing shortage of nurses in Nevada and the difficulty finding qualified applicants for nursing positions, Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center has donated $30,000 to the Western Nevada Community College nursing program for high tech nursing education equipment.

With the donation, WNCC will purchase equipment that simulates illnesses in a computerized mannequin, and requires student nurses to work under pressure. The wish list of equipment includes new IV machines, bladder scanners and wound care kits that will help students prepare for the illnesses and injuries they will face on the job.

"The students need to be able to replicate real-life situations," said Dr. Judith Cordia, WNCC director of Nursing and Allied Health. "We need this new equipment to help us move ahead."

"The purpose of this donation is to support the mission and goals of the WNCC nursing program," said Carson Tahoe Chief Nursing Officer Cathy Dinauer, "We have had a long and wonderful relationship with the college and look forward to a continued partnership."

WNCC is also excited about the donation. "We are so thankful we have Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center," Dr. Cordia said. "Our partnership is becoming more and more important for the region." At least 130 WNCC allied health students gain hands-on experience at Carson Tahoe each semester and when they graduate, Carson Tahoe hires many of them as health care professionals.

The equipment will be used at the college's Carson City and Fallon nursing labs. There, students get to experience bedside care simulations that are very close to reality in a safe, controlled environment. In fact, students can listen to real-life sounds in the bodies of the nursing mannequins, who can even talk, cough, and sweat.

Nursing faculty can observe students from a nearby room where they speak into a microphone and emulate a patient with symptoms. Students hear the voice coming from the mannequin. "It's about as close to reality as you can get," Cordia said.

"Our organization has greatly benefited from WNCC's nursing program, from the novice nursing student experiencing his/her first clinical rotation to the apprentice nurse, and finally to the graduate nurse," Dinauer said. In the past, Carson Tahoe Hospital has also helped fund nursing positions at the college.

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