August 17, 2005

Get Started on a Career with Semiconductors, Electronics and Computer Networks at WNCC

Students interested in electronics and computer networks can learn the basics or become fully certified in several Western Nevada Community College classes this fall. The classes offer live instruction, hands-on experimentation and real-world insight on topics from circuits to semiconductor devices.

The base for an electronics education and career starts with Electronics I and II, four-credit classes that are offered consecutively in the fall semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-10 p.m.

WNCC electronics instructor Emily White, a technology consultant and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, says that a foundation in the fundamentals of electronics is a springboard to unlimited opportunities with all things technical. "Anyone currently working in a technology field, or someone who wants to, or even a hobbyist looking to understand a little more, will benefit from these short, energetic, hands-on classes," she said.

Electronics I, (ET 131B, call #30194, Sec. C01) meets August 30-October 20 and covers the fundamentals of DC and AC electronics with students using oscilloscopes, multimeters, powers supplies and signal generators in lab sessions. Electronics II (ET 132B, call #31180, Sec. C01) runs from October 24-December 15, and continues the fundamentals track, familiarizing students with basic semiconductor devices and circuits.

Both classes are prerequisites for many electronics technology classes and fulfill requirements for WNCC associate degrees in Convergence Technology and Electronics Technology.

The fall semester begins Friday, Aug. 26. Register at

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