July 29, 2005

Learn Conversational Spanish at WNCC Fernley

Students can learn how to communicate in Spanish at Western Nevada Community College in Fernley this fall. The three-credit class, Conversational Spanish I (SPAN 101B, call #35905, Sec. E01) is on Thursdays, 7-9:45 p.m., at Fernley High School.

Marlene Petersen, coordinator of the WNCC Fernley Center, said, "We were approached by several local business owners and managers who asked for a class in conversational Spanish oriented to the workplace, and then we found Flor Villatoro, an excellent, experienced instructor. This class will give anyone who wants to learn how to communicate in Spanish a great start."

Instructor Villatoro says that the class is a basic course emphasizing spoken communication. "The class is designed for students with no prior formal training," she said. "At the first class, I survey the students to see exactly what their skills and needs are, and I adjust the content and methods accordingly. In this beginning class, the emphasis is spoken communication, but we will also work on developing listening, writing and reading skills."

The fall semester begins Friday, Aug. 26. Register at www.wnc.edu.

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