May 1, 2005

WNCC approves hiring of four assistant baseball coaches

Head Coach D.J. Whittemore announced the completion of the Western Nevada Community College coaching staff. Hired to help Whittemore begin arduous task of building the Wildcats baseball program from scratch are Kevin Edwards, Ed Lightner, Dennis Banks, and Andrew Patterson. Each coach will bring a fundamental understanding and commitment to the program's mission. All four assistants have excellent resume's and a willingness to give of their time and energy to the young men of the program.

"Having five coaches will allow the players to benefit from extra individual instruction, supervision, and personalized attention," according to coach Whittemore. "We have purposefully chosen to limit the number of players we will carry (32) and hired four assistants so that each player will have time to create relationships with their position coach, which will improve communication and therefore performance."

The assistants have very different backgrounds and range in age from forty-five to twenty-two. "The one thing we all have in common is a love for baseball and teaching the game to others to go along with a thirst for competition," said Whittemore after the coaches approval. "The five of us have spent substantial amounts of time with each other in the past so working closely together will be lots of fun."

Kevin Edwards will serve as the top assistant and handle multiple aspects of running the program. On the field Edwards responsibilities will include coaching the team's pitchers and catchers.

Dennis Banks has been hired to assist coach Edwards with the pitching staff. Coach Banks has a well deserved reputation as one of the finest instructors of pitching mechanics on the west coast. Each off season several major and minor league pitchers come to Reno to hone their craft with coach Banks.

Ed Lightner will be responsible for coaching the team's infielders and help coach. Whittemore with all aspects of running the team's offense including occupying the third base coaches box. Coach Lightner's experience as a head coach and former professional player will be invaluable to the staff. Coach Lightner will also serve as the team's speed coach. He has successfully helped many drafted athletes in the past.

Andrew Patterson will coach the outfielders and first base. Coach Patterson is a Las Vegas native that will bring a much needed recruiting presence in that area.


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