March 3, 2005

WNCC Leaders Dialog with Legislators

Western Nevada Community College student government leaders and WNCC legislative interns recently met with Nevada state legislators at a leadership forum in the Joe Dini Jr. Student Center on the Carson City campus. Mr. Dini, Speaker Emeritus of the Nevada State Assembly, was honored at the event and served as Master of Ceremonies.

In a freewheeling conversation that spanned issues as diverse as the Millennium Scholarship program, strengthening state mental health programs, developing all day kindergarten, debating a state lottery, prisoner rehabilitation and property tax caps, the students questioned assembly members and senators about issues of importance to all Nevadans.

Dr. Carol Lucey, president of WNCC, said, "Joe Dini has been an outstanding public servant for most of his life. He is also a friend of public education. We are very grateful that he continues to serve our students as an active member of our rural advisory board for Yerington. Here at Western, we believe that the college experiences that matter to our students' educational development should not stop at the classroom door. We are proud of our active student government officers and senators and the engaged student body they represent, and we are particularly grateful to Mr. Dini for everything he has done to support them over the years."

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