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Press Releases: 2004

Press Releases
December 2004 Press Release
 December 13 WNCC Nursing Program Earns Approval by State Board
  WNCC Offers Information on Nursing Education and Health Careers
 December 8 WNCC Spring Scholarships Still Available
  WNCC Cancels Surgical Technology Ceremony
November 2004 Press Release
 November 30 Enjoy Holiday Lights, Music and Refreshments at WNCC
  WNCC Adds Options to Popular Driver Training Class
 November 24 ESL Students to Compete in Spelling Bee at WNCC
  WNCC Presenting Nevada Now Art Exhibit
 November 23 WNCC Retains $40,000 Financial Aid Grant
  WNMTC Opens Season Ticket Sales For 15th Anniversary Season
 November 17 Ash Canyon Poets Reading at WNCC
 November 5 WNCC Offers Information on Nursing Education and Careers
  Think Spring--WNCC Spring Schedules Heading for Households in Western Nevada
 November 4 Kids Learn Art, Sewing and Safety at WNCC Douglas College for Kids
 November 1 Get Ready to Rock at WNCC's "Bye Bye Birdie"
  Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Education with WNCC, Nevada State College Partnership
October 2004 Press Release
 October 26 "Musical of the Century" Opens
  WNCC Starting Retail Management Program in Spring
 October 20 Regents Approve $1.7 Million Energy Conservation Contract at WNCC
 October 8 Prepare for College Math at WNCC
  Learn Therapies From Acupressure to Yoga at WNCC
 October 7 Buy Tickets Now for WNCC's "Bye Bye Birdie"
  Kids Learn History, Science at WNCC Douglas College for Kids
September 2004 Press Release
 September 29 WNCC Fallon Hosts Prospective Students
  WNCC Nursing Program Earns High Marks
 September 23 Learn to Drive at WNCC
 September 20 Get Tickets for WNCC Fallon's Second Intercollegiate Rodeo
 September 8 WNCC Sets Sights on Scenic West Athletic Conference
 September 2 WNCC Douglas Presents Young Chautaquan as Amelia Earhart
  Fairy Tale Hits the Funny Bone with "Mattress"
August 2004 Press Release
 August 27 WNCC Fallon Nets $200,000 Donation for Expansion
 August 24 New Art Instructor Joins WNCC Fallon
  WNCC Student Services Open Evenings
 August 19 WNCC Honoring Rodeo Team Donors
  WNCC Names First Baseball Coach
 August 18 High School Students Can Learn Construction Trades, Earn College Credits at WNCC
 August 16 Learn About Presidential Elections Past And Present in WNCC Class
 August 13 WNCC Press Looking for Clark Kent - and Clara Kent, Too
 August 11 WNCC Begins August Drop-In Counseling
  WNCC Offers Class on Preparing for WMD Disaster
 August 5 WNCC Saving Night Skies
 August 3 Neverett Named WNCC Dean of Student Services
  Benoit Joins WNCC as Dean of Instruction
  WNCC Fallon Holding Auditions for "Bye Bye Birdie"
July 2004 Press Release
 July 27 Find Your Writing Voice In WNCC Creative Writing Class
  "Discover WNCC" at Campus Orientations, Tours and Barbecues
 July 21 Learn How Humans Impact the Environment at WNCC Fallon
  Lord of the Rings Meets Philosophy at WNCC
June 2004 Press Release
 June 11 NSHE Regents Approve WNCC Baseball, Soccer Teams
March 2004 Press Release
 March 31 Baseball Legend Steve Garvey Stars at WNCC Athletics Dinner

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