November 23, 2004

WNCC Retains $40,000 Financial Aid Grant

Western Nevada Community College's Office of Financial Assistance has been awarded renewal of a $40,000 EDSHARE grant from EDFUND, the nation's second largest provider of student loan services. EDFUND created EDSHARE as a competitive grant program offering colleges up to $40,000 per year to develop borrower education, debt management and default prevention programs. The second year approval was based on the success of the first-year program. The college is also eligible for a third year renewal of the grant.

"Across the country, schools who received EDSHARE grants are developing unique, effective programs to educate their student borrowers about money management," said EDFUND President Becky Stilling. "We're delighted with the results of the EDSHARE program to date."

The grant money helps fund outreach efforts to educate borrowers on financial resources, the loan application process and debt management. Lori Tiede, interim director of WNCC Financial Assistance, said her office has created an electronic loan process, developed a comprehensive default prevention program, and educated campus staff in the outlying service areas about student loan availability and the loan application process.

"We've done a lot of outreach to the WNCC service area," said Tiede. "We created financial information packets for students and CD's for high school counselors. Students have more information about eligibility, the application process and the availability of funds."

Dan Neverett, WNCC dean of Student Services, said, "I'm pleased that the renewal for a second year of a possible three year grant from EDFUND enables WNCC's financial aid staff with an excellent opportunity to continue their community education efforts. Not only is the funding supporting the expansion our information sharing initiatives with students and parents, but it also promotes our activities related to informing the community of financial aid opportunities."

For more information about financial aid at WNCC, contact the Financial Assistance Office at 775-445-3264 or visit the college web site at

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