August 16, 2004

Learn About Presidential Elections Past And Present in WNCC Class

American presidential campaigns and elections are not known for their elegant demeanor and erudite political debates, but rather for the cacophonous chatter of attack ads, bipartisan disputes about hanging chads and the relentless yelling matches of radio and television talk shows. A three-credit fall semester class at Western Nevada Community College, Presidential Campaigns and Elections, will provide students with a historical perspective and insider's view of America's quadrennial presidential elections.

The class meets Mondays and Wednesdays, 4-5:15 p.m. at the Carson City campus. Register on the college web site at (PSC 295, Special Topics In Political Science-- Sec. C02, call #31157). The fee is $159.

Political science instructor Bob Morin has worked on numerous political campaigns from city council to presidential contests.

"American presidential campaigns and elections are fascinating," says Morin. "We'll discuss the history of campaigns, financing, voter turnout, conventions and delegates, the electoral college and campaign strategies, tactics and organization. And we'll closely follow the 2004 campaign and its immediate aftermath."

Students will have a project that requires them to monitor polling results, identify safe and "battleground" states, examine campaign issues and predict the election's outcome. They will also conduct a post-election analysis of the campaign and election.

WNCC fall semester classes begin Monday, Aug. 30.

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