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Step 2: Take Placement Tests

How do I schedule a placement test? Call Counseling Services at the most convenient location for you.

  • Carson City: 775-445-3267
  • Fallon: 775-423-7565
  • Douglas: 775-782-2413

When are tests given? The placement tests are given in Counseling Services. When you call, you can sign up for an appointment any day the office is open. Testing begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m.

How long does the test take? The tests are not timed, but you should give yourself two hours to complete all three tests.

Who needs to take the placement tests? Any student who plans on taking an English or math course needs to take the placement tests. Exceptions are students who have ACT or SAT test scores (which are no more than two years old) or students who have taken English or math at another college.

Why take placement tests? Testing will assess your current skills in reading, writing and math. Test results will help you select appropriate courses to take at WNCC. In addition, some courses require qualifying test scores prior to registration.

How much does it cost? The testing fee is $15, which pays for the reading, English, and math tests.

How high would I have to score on the SAT or ACT to not have to test for certain classes? Those with recent ACT/SAT scores (no more than two years old) or with appropriate courses from other colleges may be exempt. Students who are not sure if they need to test should contact a counselor.

See the Placement Testing page on the Counseling Services website for more information and score requirements.

What are the tests like? The reading and English tests are online through Accuplacer. To view the student guide go to Accuplacer Student Guide.

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