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2012-2018 WNC Strategic Plan

2006-2012 WNC Strategic Plan

Planning for 2012-2018

Planning Workshop

In January 2011, the Strategic Planning for Institutional Effectiveness (SPFIE) committee facilitated a three-part strategic planning workshop with about 65 participants, including representatives from student government; faculty, staff, and administrators; and community members.

The all-day workshop began with brainstorming in small groups to identify core themes and objectives. Next, breakout groups discussed the college's current environment in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities as they relate to the college's objectives. Finally, participants identified initiatives that would advance the core themes and objectives.

Spring 2011 Open Forum

At an Open Forum on April 15, SPFIE presented a draft strategic plan based on a review of the January SWOT analysis and suggested initiatives. Since then, SPFIE has met often to revise and refine the plan, taking into account the dramatic changes that are unfolding after rounds of budget cuts and recent directives from the Board of Regents.

Fall 2011 Open Forum

SPFIE presented the latest draft plan Oct. 7 at an Open Forum and solicited input on the objectives, initiatives, and performance indicators included in that document. The committee is still in the process of determining valid performance indicators and reasonable targets and is beginning to define how the execution of the various components of the plan will be delegated to the faculty, staff, departments, committees and other organizations who make up the college community.

2011-12 SPFIE committee members: Bonnie Bertocchi, Assistant to the President; Sherry Black, Professor of Education; Catherine Boedenauer, Financial Assistance Scholarship Coordinator; Deborah Case, Director of Counseling Services; Maxine Cirac, Professor of Foreign Languages and Division Chair for Communications and Fine Arts; Ashley DeRosa, Associated Students of Western Nevada (ASWN) Vice President; Renee Magrini, Professor of Biological Science; Gil Martin, Professor of Art; Jose Martinez, Institutional Research Programmer/Analyst; Daniel Neverett, Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services; Linda Ritter, Special Projects Coordinator for Carson City; Danna Sturm (SPFIE Chair), Reference Librarian.

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